About us

Queen Central One Group is a Decentralized Financial Investment Savings service with user-friendly features, investor asset safety chain technology infrastructure and our applications creating makes a difference in the decentralized finance industry.

  • Queen Central 1 Group, a service company that supports decentralized financial management using blockchain technology in the best and safest investment and savings asset management today, we were established to provides smart investment portfolio with professional investors, customer first approach, safe investment tools and Technology smart contract.
    We have registered license in thailand. we provide customers and investors in many countries around the world with intelligent financial management platform.
  • Our services include:
  • Securities investment consulting
  • Cryptocurrency investment advice
  • Investment consulting and business restructuring
  • Product design and marketing consulting
  • Intermediary payment and escrow service
  • Insurance consulting service
  • Financial instrument consulting service
  • Business Appraisal services, investment products
  • Product distribution services, online purchase of goods, ...
  • Multinational company establishment services, accounting, transportation,...
  • Multinational naturalization service, visa, offshore account, king card
  • Property management services, buying and selling, auctions, ...
  • High-end jewelry design consulting service...
  • Consulting service to raise capital via cryptocurrency platform, blockchain technology

Our Team

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