Queen Central 1 Group provides a better solution to Save & Invest Start Up

The Queen Central 1 Group platform is a decentralized investment savings service. Our user-friendly features, high-tech infrastructure keeps investors' assets safe and our savings and investment apps make a difference in the financial system. decentralized government.

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Save for your future

Plan ahead for miscelleanous expenses.

Birth of Child
School fees

Interest Rates

3 Months - 6%
6 Months - 13%
9 Months - 20%
12 Months - 25%
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Why should you choose our Queen Central 1 Group ?

Queen Central 1 Group, a service company that supports decentralized financial management using blockchain technology in the best and safest investment and savings asset management today, we were established to provide Smart portfolio with professional investors, customer-first approach, safe investment tools and smart contract technology.

Account Certified Privacy
Claim profit anytime
Buy plans with coupon and crypto
Investment bonus and connection sharing
24/7 customer support
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how it works
  • Account Setup

    Only 1 minute and you're in. Enter the information you need to become a member and start right away

  • Select a plan that suites your budget

    Select a standard plan, a project that suits your budget or a saving plan with a good duration and interest

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  • Watch your investment grow

    Invest and sit back. You can follow your investment status at any time and invest in limited time special offers.

  • Payout Day

    Your investment is eligible to withdraw anytime after the first 24 hours.


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